Six Months Later: Stone Ridge Cottage, off the Market

We thought this place was a decent deal when we wrote it up six months ago: a cute three-bed, one-bath cottage on 3.3 acres, with open meadows and mountain views asking $187,500. It seemed like an especially good price considering it sold for $225,000 in 2009. We could really see someone looking for an affordable place in highly desirable Stone Ridge snapping this place up, despite its modest 966 square feet.

And yet… all we know is that it’s off the market. Property Shark has no reports of it being sold.

4635 Atwood Road, Stone Ridge. GMAP

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By: lisa | 12 June 2012 03:43 PM | 3 Comments

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  1. hilary says:

    They had it listed for rent also and rented it (1000 month). So it could be back sometime as a “for sale” listing!

    • Tony Stiker says:

      Hi there, Any idea of contact info on the Stone Ridge Cottage? I’m interested and thought I might go directly to the source! Many thanks, Tony

  2. lisa says:

    Hey, Tony. It was listed with Westwood back then. Give them a shout: http://www.westwoodrealty.com/. And, ahem, if you don’t mind…tell ‘em Upstater sent you!

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