Tax Breaks for First-Time Buyers and Renovators in Ulster County


Lots of folks are attracted to home prices in Ulster County; it’s the taxes that gives them pause. So house shoppers will be happy to hear that the county will now offer a tax exemption for first-time buyers of new homes or those who are buying and renovating an older home, reports the Hudson Valley Insider. “The program offers a 50% exemption in year one and annually decreases to 10% in the fifth and final year,” the write. Only applies if the pad is your primary residence.

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By: lisa | 27 March 2012 01:12 PM | 3 Comments

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  1. newburghrestoration says:

    This is big news. Hopefully other counties will follow.

  2. F'd in Park Slope says:

    The link in the article doesn’t link to the actual story? Was anxious to read this one!

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