Summer Bungalow Rentals in Westchester County

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They call it “camp for the entire family.” Pine Lake Park, a former bungalow colony turned co-op community in Westchester’s Cortlandt Manor, has swimming, boating, tennis, Saturday night entertainment (with cookies!) and 50 acres on which to roam.

This seasonal community, open May to October, also has properties for sale and for rent. Eight are on the market, and seven of those are asking less than $100,000. Six of those can be rented for all or part of the summer, starting at $1350/month. It’s only a five-minute drive from the Croton-Harmon MetroNorth station.

Pine Lakers are largely New Yorkers and Brooklynites, though they have a few families from Long Island, New Jersey and even further south in Westchester County. And while it’s a co-op, and the houses are modest in size and look (“This isn’t the Hamptons,” one Pine Laker said), there’s plenty of solitude if you crave it, or a rich social life if you prefer. It’s a very family friendly place, with lifeguards, a large playset, kids’ entertainment and freedom to explore that’s unheard of for city kids. They’re looking for like-minded folks interested in a low-key, cooperative environment.

Folks interested in visiting should email to set up a time.

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By: lisa | 16 March 2012 03:30 PM | 37 Comments

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  1. Leah says:

    Love this place! Nice people, kids have blast, excellent clay courts!

  2. bailey says:

    Been a “laker” for about 12 years… truly a great place to find your own “space” or find great friends…. Kids love it!

  3. Michelle says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Community, the great outdoors, sports, entertainment, it all becomes yours to share or covet for yourself.

  5. Scott W says:

    We were priced out of the Hamptons, Fire Island and the Berkshires, and were very lucky to find this place. Wish I could go up there today!

  6. Don Ketteler says:

    I’ve been to Pine Lake and it’s beautiful and very friendly – and so convenient. I highly recommend for those who are looking for summer rent or purchase!

  7. Eric says:

    No place like it. Safest environment I know for kids to run in a pack without the constant adult supervision required in the city. Soemthing for everyone. Nicest people. Sleepover Camp for the Whole Family, as they call it, is exactly what it is!

  8. gary grubler says:

    PLP has a great history filled with many happy memories and a great future. With many happy memories to come.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A rural oasis in the suburbs of northern Westchester. A beautiful lake to swim in, clay tennis courts, weekend entertainment, fun for all ages.

  10. May says:

    We’re moving abroad, but I’m sad to leave Pine Lake. So pleasant and relaxing, and just a quick drive from Manhattan.
    Good sports facilities, wholesome fun, smiilulating activities, Pine Lake Park always gets it right!

  11. Susan says:

    Our favorite place to be every summer – a real getaway and so close to the City!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The bungalows or “cabins” seem rustic but have many modern amenities.

    Friendly neighbors, fun community activities, safe for children all in a peaceful, natural environment only one hour from NYC.

    Easily accesible by major highways and Metro North.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WE enjoy it as parents, and the kids love it! Even as they’re getting older – it’s a great way for the family to be together, but everyone have the time and things they need to keep them happy on the weekends in summer. Just a great community of folks! (lots of musicians too!!!)

  14. Bailey says:

    Kids and parents alike have a great time. Not on top of each other, but with each other – even the teens are diigin on it! Lots of musicians too!!

  15. susan s says:

    When we close up each fall we count the days until we can return to Pine Lake again in the spring. It’s a very special place for our entire family.

  16. JUDY HOFFMAN says:


  17. Scott says:

    Pine Lake Park is the best kept secret in Westchester. At least it used to be…

  18. rhoda Ostrow says:

    a friendly ,all ages community.AND you can get there via Metro North.
    Huge town swimming pool near our property in addition to our lovely lake.

  19. Susan S says:

    When we leave Pine Lake each fall we count the days until we can return in the spring. It’s a special place for our whole family.

  20. rhoda Ostrow says:

    Pine lake park..a great get a way for all ages. AND you can get there via Metro North. Huge town pool very close by in addition to our lovely lake.

  21. rhoda Ostrow says:

    Pine Lake Park is a great get a way for all ages. AND o can get there via Metro North. Huge swimming pool a city block away in addition to own lovely lake. rhoda

  22. Judy says:

    New York’s best kept secret! Fun, affordable option for the summer. Only one hour from Manhattan & easy to get there. Highly recommend!

  23. Linda Eiges says:

    What can be better than camp for families and adults!!

  24. Harvey R says:

    With four clay tennis courts, basketball courts and a lake for swimming and boating, it’s a great place for singles or families for the summer. Less than an hour from the city by car or Metro North, it’s a relaxing and hassle free getaway destination.

  25. Al says:

    A “SUPER” COMMUNITY. Had been looking for a place like this for a very long time.

  26. ellen says:

    This community sounds like Shangra la. We are fortunate to have a place so close to NY. If you like to garden it’s terrific as is the tennis and most important THE PEOPLE of all ages and of all interests.

  27. Anne says:

    A breath of fresh air upon arriving from the city! So close yet feels so far away.

  28. Margie says:

    Great for your kids. Great for you. Great for a quick get away from the hectic city, yet so close you can make it there in time for dinner Friday night.

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s like summer camp for the whole family. Lots of fun and good friendships. A pleasure to watch all the kids from year to year as they grow.

  30. Jack says:

    A truly special place for both adults and children, rich in beauty, spirit, facilities, and history.

  31. Deborah Iarussi says:

    Our favorite place to be- so much fun we are exhausted by the end of the weekend!

  32. mark says:

    Guaranteed to relieve the tension and stress of the working world, and you won’t have to drive hours to get there…I dare you to relax for a change!

  33. steve says:

    what a great place–my grandkids love it.

  34. Ann Gordon says:

    No bridges to cross for many & rarely traffic. Feels a million miles away from the city but is an easy commute.
    Lots of activity or none at all – great antidote to “crazy/busy.”
    Raised our kids there and now am “thrilled” to just “kick back” with my husband. Outdoor movies near the lake & many other rituals that make it a real place with a lovely warm open community & continuity.

  35. Bob Sklarew says:

    A magnificent lakefront with sandy beach where friends congregate on the patio. It offers a serene escape with great weekend entertainment!

  36. Paul says:

    Three generations of our family have enjoyed Pine Lake. Our kids have celebrated birthdays here, learned to swim and play tennis, too. We have also made a family tradition of extending our summer into the fall. Apple picking nearby in september followed by a barbecue at Pine Lake under the colorful autumn leaves.

  37. Bernard says:

    Great red clay tennis courts, good players, good sports.
    Best of all only 50 min from upper west side!

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