Ulster Real Estate Market on the Upswing

photo from The Woodstock Times

So says the Woodstock Times, which reports a three percent increase in sales prices over last year at this time — small, but worth noting. Homes over $400,000 are moving the most and the fastest, which is no surprise; we’ve noted before that wealthy city dwellers seeking second homes in upstate New York have kept things moving while the economy shuffles along. Interesting to note that the market is making a comeback, but property taxes in the county are rising, too. All this makes us think that this spring might be the best time to pounce for folks in search of a bargain.

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By: lisa | 9 February 2012 04:17 PM | 1 Comment

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  1. Vane says:

    Property Taxes approx $ 2900 $ 3500 per year. Insurance will cost you about $ 450 per year. The costs will vary from town to town so you can check ptrreopy taxes in the region either check on a realtor website or contact the town clerk.

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