Did You Feel the Earth Move in the Hudson Highlands?


Did anyone feel that earthquake in the Hudson Highlands a few weeks ago? If you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone. It was only a 2.5 magnitude, barely strong enough to shake the knick-knacks off your shelf, but it was an earthquake nonetheless. The quake hit at 10:46am on July 5 with the epicenter 13 miles southeast of Newburgh. Hardly noteworthy in and of itself; there have been plenty of quakes in the lower Hudson Valley ranging between a slight tremble 1.1 to a little more robust shakes with magnitudes of around 5 (compare that to the earthquake that essentially leveled Anchorage, AK in 1964, which was a 9.2. San Francisco’s great earthquake in 1906 was a 7.7). However, that hasn’t stopped fears sparking anew about the Indian Point nuclear power plant and the safety of nuclear power in general in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima meltdown. And while many feel that smaller earthquakes are warnings that bigger quakes are on the way, at least one expert argued that this isn’t the case. According to USGS National Earthquake Information Center geophysicist Rafael Abreu in a recent article on CBS New York, the quake was “definitely not an indication that there is a larger earthquake coming or anything else.” What are your thoughts on nuclear power plants and earthquakes? Do you believe the fears are founded? Tell us in the comments.


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Glass, White, and Wood: A Modern Home in Accord, $675,000

2905 lucas trnpk accord ny

Not that we’re hoarders or anything, or even big packrats for that matter, but we’ve stockpiled our fair share of stuff that we probably don’t need all that much. And when we see a house like this that’s so clean and minimalist, it makes us want to explore our own minimalist nature and start stripping away the fat down to the clean, white, pristine bone. There’s certainly no fat in this 6 year old home. It’s energy efficient (passive solar thermal mass construction), wide open, and features the generous use of wood textures throughout (seriously, that wooden bathtub? We want to go to there). Lot size is close to 4 acres just east of Accord hamlet in Ulster County, and there’s plenty to see outside from the giant windows. As we’ve said before, why create an overly-fancy living space when the beauty of nature provides all the bell and whistle you need?

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Along the Shawangunk Ridge

gunk ridge

The Shawangunk Ridge, otherwise affectionately referred to as the ‘Gunks around these parts, is a spine of bedrock that runs through Ulster, Sullivan, and Orange Counties in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region. The area around the ridge is some of the prettiest country we have up here, containing all kinds of diverse vegetation, shale deposits, and stunning natural features like waterfalls and ice caves. Thanks to the existence of the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, much of the northern end of the ridge in Ulster County is protected and available for the public to explore and enjoy. With all this natural beauty surrounding the Ridge, it’s not wonder people seek it out as a place to lay down some roots, even if they’re only weekend/seasonal ones. So we thought we’d focus our search to the Ridge in Ulster County this week, looking at some good housing stock in locales close to the ‘Gunks like New Paltz, Accord, Kerhonkson, Wallkill, and Ellenville. Spoiler alert: There’s some serious real estate eye-candy this week, so prepare to get your house envy on.

awosting falls

Awosting Falls in the Minnewaska State Park Preserve

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From the Listings: Nolita Cafe in Hudson


Commercial property hunters might want to pause and take a look at this one from our real estate listings. Nolita Bakery and Cafe, one of Hudson’s most popular and recognizable coffee joints, is on the market. Chances are, if you haven’t been to Nolita, you’ve at least driven past it since it’s located on Warren Street, Hudson’s posh retail district. Nolita always seems to be doing brisk business judging by the amount of patrons sitting out on the patio during the day sipping coffee or enjoying one of the cafe’s many breakfast and lunch offerings. The sale of the business includes one month of training by the current owners. Intrigued? Check out the Upstater listing for contact information. This could be a golden opportunity for someone looking to relocate Hudson for good.

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Fix it up in Livingston Manor for $99,500

1428 shandelee rd livingston manor ny

If you’re looking at the location of this fixer-upper farmhouse and thinking about all the flooding locations around Sullivan County have endured this year and years past, think again. This house is high and dry, squarely outside of the danger zone, so you can relax and start thinking about other stuff, like the fact that the house needs some serious renovatin’. Handy-types looking to get in up to their elbows might enjoy this labor of love, especially since it sits on nearly 11 acres of usable farmland and house has a new well, electric, and roof. Who’s up for a project?

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Colonial in Claverack with Curb-Appeal Galore, $219,000

6155 rt 9h claverack ny

She’s pretty, isn’t she? Loving the filigree porch details on the outside as well as the old wooden support beams and old-fashioned farmhouse doors on the inside.  Includes a brick fireplace in the living room and another in the very period dining room. That tiny little kitchen gives us a touch of the claustrophobia, but we’ve definitely lived with smaller kitchens (the plus side of that is that nobody can wedge themselves into the kitchen with you in order to micro-manage your cooking). A lot size of .66 acres is not bad for a spot right in the hamlet of Claverack, Columbia County. Love that stone patio, too.

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Hudson Woods Launch Party this Saturday, July 19


We’ve been following the Hudson Woods subdivision project for a while now and posted about it back in January. This Saturday, we’re finally going to catch a real live glimpse of the 131-acre Kerhonkson high-end/modern development during the Hudson Woods launch party. The shin-dig runs from 2pm-6pm, and party-goers will have the opportunity to hob-nob with the architects, builders, and designer who made this unique development happen. There will also be BBQ from Brotherly Grub, ice cream, pie, and cookies to fill your belly as well as draft cider and summer beers from the Mill House Brewery. And guess what? It’s free, but you have to RSVP. We’re looking forward to poking around community set against the backdrop of the Catskill Mountain’s landscaping designed by Mother Nature herself. (GMAP)

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Warren Kitchen’s Summer Sale Starts TODAY!

warren kitchen

Head’s up: Warren Kitchen and Cutlery in Rhinebeck is having a summer sale, and it starts today. Can’t make it today? Bummer, but you have until Sunday to check out all the kitchen gadgetry and knives the store has to offer. Seriously. They have every kind of cooking knife you can imagine, and the prices are sane. They also provide engraving and knife sharpening services, too. Located between Red Hook and Rhinebeck and Route 9, Warren Kitchen is one-stop shopping for all the sharp and shiny stuff you need in your kitchen. Store hours listed on their website. Have we made our point, or have we lost our edge? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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