Please Be Careful at Kaaterskill Falls

kaaterskill falls

There’s been another fatality on the Kaaterskill Falls trail this summer. According to the Kingston Daily Freeman, a 23 year old Putnam County women fell 180 feet to her death there, making this the second death at Kaaterskill since June. She was on an unmarked portion of the trail, says the Freeman article. There are fatalities every year involving people ill-equipped to make the hike try to get to the top of the falls or who venture off the marked trails. And every year, we drive up Route 23A over the mountain and continue to see scores of hikers heading to the falls trail, many wearing only flip-flops for their trek. So, please, we implore you, put on hiking shoes or boots. Stay on the trail. It’s even treacherous if it’s excessively muddy (we did that one year, and even with good shoes, it was a scary experience). Save the flip-flops for the beach. Kenco has plenty of hiking shoes.

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Cute as a Button in Cold Spring, $309,000

337 main street cold spring ny

Sorry, nothing extra with this saltbox in the village of Cold Spring, unless you count cuteness and the ability to walk to town (and a nearby grocery store) as added bonuses. It might be a bit far to hoof it to the Metro North station, but that’s what cabs are for, right? The price is right in line with how it is in Cold Spring and other places around Putnam County; you’re paying for proximity to NYC. Still, it’s got oodles of charm, great wood floors, and a wee balcony over-looking the fenced-in back yard, which has more than enough room to plant a small garden or turn it into your own oasis. Listings states with a STAR exemption, the taxes are less than $5,000/year.

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Tivoli Colonial + Barn/Studio, $549,000

252 nevis rd tivoli ny6

It’s really all about the barn here for us with this property in Dutchess County. The 18th century Colonial main house is great, and we particularly like that the wrap-around porch is screened-in (we don’t always like porches screened in but this one works). But that barn. Wow. We’re thinking, could we live in the barn and turn the main house into a guest house? Perhaps not, but we sure would spend a lot of time there. Also includes 10 acres of land and the option to snatch up even more land beyond that. Property is located 5 miles east of Tivoli.

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Need Something Extra? Try a Yurt!



So, for in honor of Something Extra Week, we started thinking about what kind of inexpensive options there are for adding an extra structure to a property. Building a barn, guest house, or detached office can be pricy, but what about a yurt? Yurts are semi-permanent circular structures that are sort of like a cross between a one-room cabin and a tent. We did some poking around at various yurt construction companies, and we found, based on complete estimation and no mathematical abilities whatsoever, that by and large, a 16ft diameter yurt will run you between $5000 and $8000. Don’t forget to add in extra costs like insulation, taller walls, stove outlet, door and flooring options, etc. We did find 2 16ft. yurts for $5000 in the YurtForum.com classifieds. It’s cheaper than building a tiny house.  Anyway, it’s free to look and dream and scheme, so let’s look at pictures of stuff for inspiration, shall we?

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Saugerstock Rental + Entertainment Barn, $2750/mo.

154 phillips rd saugerties ny

Even our Rental of the Week has a little extra something to go along with it: A two-story barn with a pool table, bar, and movie screen. That’s some barn! But wait! There’s more! The property also includes a stream, tennis court, pond, and gazebo. Oh, and there’s a main house, too, which is a c.1820s eyebrow Colonial with charming green shutters and lots of windows, all situated on over 11 acres of land between Saugerties and Woodstock (hence the term Saugerstock). Okay, so yes, $2750/month is kind of a lot to pay in rent, but trying telling that to someone who’s paying the same for a 350 square foot studio in Manhattan, and probably with a roommate, to boot.

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Clermont Sears House + Converted Barn, $449,000

19 buckwheat ridge rd clermont

Remember when Sears sold mail order home kits? Neither do we, because it was well before our time. But those mail order kit homes, which were available between 1908 and 1940 are still standing. This house in Clermont might be one of them. We say “might” because the listing calls it a “Sears style home.” Regardless, it was built in 1927 and includes an acre of land. That’s not all it includes, however. Since this is Something Extra Week here at Upstater, all of our properties will come with an extra of some kind that adds more bang to the buck. Here, it’s an adorable barn conversion that’s bright and airy. What would you use it for? Home office? Guest house? Yoga studio? All of the above? Also comes with a detached garage and a garden building.

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High Falls’ “Candyland Revival” House Gets NYT Mention

B3D7y - Imgur

There is nothing shy and retiring about Calico, the High Falls property owned by Kat O’Sullivan and Mason Brown, so it’s no wonder the house and its owners ended up in the Home and Garden section of the New York Times last week. The article delves into how O’Sullivan, an artist, and Brown, a publisher/musician, found an old fixer-upper in Ulster County and proceeded to transform it into a whimsical, colorful cacophony of styles and artistic leanings that Brown and O’Sullivan dubbed “Candyland Revival.” We particularly loved how the couple wrote out their wish-list of home features (from the NYT article):

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Brick Farmhouse + Art Studio in Rosendale, $425,000

743 creeklocks rd rosendale ny

We’ve missed you, Rosendale. The Ulster County hamlet just hosted the biggest free live music festival on the East coast, otherwise known as the Rosendale Street Fair. It’s got a great theater, good watering holes and eateries, and, one of our favorite spots, the Widow Jane mine (we saw live music there several years ago, and it was cool). And, Rosendale is home to this mid-19th century brick farmhouse. As much as we like the look of an ivy covered wall, we know that some argue it’s bad for the structural integrity of a building. Perhaps the fact that it’s constructed of brick makes it less prone to breakdown, but we don’t fancy ourselves experts in the area of ivy wall growth. The brick is exposed in some parts of the interior. We love that. We also love that it’s on 4 acres and comes with a detached garage that’s been turned into a studio space with nice lighting. It’s situated on the Esopus Creek, so Floorsmart.gov puts it in the high-risk category for flooding.

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