Beacon Cracks Down on Short-Term Rentals


Usually, we get good news in our email inbox, but sometimes, the news is not so great. Like the alert we received from a loyal reader who let us know that the Beacon city council is set to review new short-term rental regulations that could, in our eyes, essentially kill the idea of the private residence vacation rental in the Dutchess County city. Here are the distressing highlights, courtesy our our aforementioned loyal reader:

“*Home who wish to rent to guests temporarily must be owner occupied during any rental period. For example, a family would not be allowed to rent their home while on holiday.

*Home who wish to rent to guests temporarily would have to acquire a valid NYS sales tax ID. The city of Beacon will essentially be requiring you to start a business if you want to rent your home for any period of time.

*Homes who even periodically do short term rentals would have to get special authorization from the Building Department every 2 years and would be subject to an inspect every 2 years to re-validate their certificate of occupancy.

*Short term rentals would have to have at least 3 off-street parking spots.”

If you’re interested in watching the entire city council meeting where the regulation is discussed, you can find it here. Here’s the regulation in its entirety. And, as always, we would love to hear your feedback on this.

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Anthony Yelverton House in Highland, $89,000

39 maple avenue highland ny

The Anthony Yelverton House in the Ulster County hamlet of Highland is pegged as the oldest still-standing wooden house in all of the county, and now it’s on the market for $89,000. If you can’t see the blue historical site sign, it says:

“1754 historic site on state and national registers. Sawmill, brickyard and store. Slaves sculled his ferry across Hudson.”

Intriguing, no? So, who is this Anthony Yelverton whose ferry was sculled by slaves? Turns out, his dad was a judge in Poughkeepsie, and in the mid-18th century, Yelverton came across the Hudson River and settled near the point where the Twaalfskill Creek meets the river to build a sawmill. But that’s not all he did. He also built this house, which housed the town of Lloyd’s first retail store. He also built a brickyard so he could use bricks in his house. Here’s more historical intrigue: Apparently, his ferry capsized in the Hudson between Highland and Poughkeepsie, and a number his slaves drowned. Legend has it that those slaves were buried behind this house. We love both the history and the interior of this property, which sits on a quarter-acre. Here’s what we’re not crazy about: The Yelverton House is right across the street from the sewer treatment plant. Not quite the view we were hoping for. House needs some TLC.

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Warner Bushkill Contemporary, $349,000

142 stony clove lane chichester ny

Maybe we are suffering from a bit of Log Cabin Fatigue, so we’re rounding out our week in Chichester with this streamside contemporary on 2 acres. We like the interiors (lots of windows), but we’re not sure about the suspended track lighting in front of the fire place in the living room. And we’re not fans of the kitchen cabinetry. But we would cancel our gym membership for sure in favor of running up and down the steps from the house to the deck perched on the side of the hill. There’s even a sauna. And even though it’s streamside, the property is high enough that flooding isn’t a problem.

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Chronogram 8-Day Week: Meals on Wheels

food truck

Food trucks in the Hudson Valley are becoming as much of a summertime fixture as swimming holes and farmers markets. Hankering for some good food that’s served piping hot from a rolling restaurant? Then head over to Cantine Field in the village of Saugerties TONIGHT to the Food Truck Festival and feast upon some seriously yummy fare. There will be music (the Carl Mateo Group, Mr. Roper, Miss 360, and Hula Hoop Girl). There will be a beer/wine garden. There will be a playground nearby for the kids. And most importantly, there will be trucks. Lots of Trucks, including ‘Cue BBQ, Pippy’s Hot Dogs, Slidin’ Dirty, Black-Eyed Suzie’s, and many more. If you miss it tonight, don’t fret: There’s another on September 18th. And October 16th, 3pm to 10pm on all of those dates.

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Shop at the Mystery Spot, Phoenicia

mystery spot

While most of the world seems to be on a campaign to make everyone’s live clutter-free, Mystery Spot Antiques in Phoenicia is doing the exact opposite. The eclectic antique store owned by Laura Levine and located on Main Street in the Catskills hamlet embraces the idea of stuff: Crazy stuff, old stuff, interesting stuff, used stuff, useful stuff. The Mystery Spot is a celebration of clutter, a bacchanalia of ataxia, an orgy of melange and hodgepodge. So much so, in fact, that the Mystery Spot is named after the Collyer brothers, the hoarding protagonists in E.L. Doctorow’s novel Homer & Langley. While we don’t always savor a big old cluttery mess in our own attics and closets, that doesn’t mean we don’t love poking around a good rummage and stumbling onto to treasures we never knew we needed. Next time you’re passing through Phoenicia on your way to some fun, outdoorsy adventure, stop in the hamlet and browse around the Mystery Spot. Feast your eyes on their creepy doll exhibit. Say hi to Petey the Pirhana. But most importantly, pause to embrace their motto: “Clutter My World.” (GMAP)

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Tiny Chichester Cabin, $219,900

85 schweitzer rd chichester ny

Hm. 932 square feet on a quarter acre of land for $219,900? Hm. This doesn’t come out very heavily on the “bang for your buck” side, but it is a sweet little log cabin, nonetheless, with oak floors, a stone fireplace in the living room, and a small back deck. The setting is woodsy enough to keep it separate from the neighbors just down the road a piece from Warren Creek. Is this what we’d spend over $200,000 on? Not quite sure about that, but we can still appreciate a cutey when we see one.


85 schweitzer rd chichester ny2

85 schweitzer rd chichester ny3

85 schweitzer rd chichester ny4

85 schweitzer rd chichester ny5

85 schweitzer rd chichester ny6

Beds: 3

Baths: 1

Square Feet: 932

Lot Size: .25 acres

Taxes: $2864

85 Schweitzer Road, Chichester (Win Morrison) GMAP

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Woodstock 101

woodstock MSNBC

Did you catch MSNBC’s Main Street USA feature on Woodstock? You can see it here if you missed on cable. The feature was done in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival which, as you know, was held in Bethel, Sullivan County, nowhere near the village of Woodstock. Nonetheless, you can’t separate the spirit of the festival from the spirit of the town, especially since Michael Lang, Woodstock organizer, still lives in Woodstock (he’s interviewed in the feature). Anyway, if you’re somehow unfamiliar with Woodstock (the village, not the festival), have a looksee at the video and educate yourself on the village’s thriving arts, music, and yes, even business scene.


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Flashback: Phoenicia Car-Free Cottage, $169,000

110 waterworks rd phoenicia ny2

Nearly two years ago to this very day, we posted about this Victorian cottage in Phoenicia a half-mile from the Trailways bus station. Back then, the price was $199,000. It’s now $169,000, which is some decent movement downward, but we do wonder why it’s been on the market for a long time. Or maybe it’s not a long time. Maybe our sense of real estate time is thrown by the fact that we look at so many houses every week. Anyway, whatever it is that’s keeping it unsold isn’t visible in the photos (except maybe the kitchen, which looks pretty Spartan and dated). And, just as we did two years ago, we still dig that recessed window in the bedroom. Oh, and because Phoenicia’s on the Esopus, flooding is a concern. But not here. Floodsmart.gov says it’s low to moderate risk.

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